Quality Firelighters

HIGHHEAT firelighters are made to our exacting standards at our Melbourne based manufacturing facility to ensure the best performance from...

Divert waste, save forests

A staggering 400,000 tonnes of wax cardboard ends up in Australian rubbish tips every year. But together we can reduce...

Safer For You & Your Family

HIGHHEAT firelighetrs are made of 100% recycled wax cardboard that has 80% less carbon monoxide, 30% less toxic airborne particles...


Tonnes Of Wax Cardboard Diverted From Land Fills


Briquettes Made From Recycled Wax Cardboard


tons of wax cardboard to be diverted by 2025

Our Team

Leandro Guisasola
Founder & Social Entrepreneur

The founder of highheat and recycling advocate, Leo believes that almost every material going to landfills has a way of being recycled and made into a new product once more, he's passionately commited to only using recycled materials to manufacture HIGHHEAT products, and he's the driving force behind our mission to recycled 200,000 tonnes of wax cardboard per year by 2025.

Marisa Giacumelli
Head Admin Angel

Administative lady in charge, super secretary and all-round beautiful woman. Marisa is the first point of contact for all enquiries, sales and collections. She's always around the office to provide help to all of our new and current partners and ensure a positive and effective relationship.

Daniel Guisasola
Transport & Recycling Veteran

Transport & logistics guru and a 20 year veteran of the recycling industry. Daniel is an invaluable member of the HIGHHEAT team. His main role is in facilitating and co-ordinating the transport and distribution of HIGHHEAT and making sure that product our goes out and arrives on time, every time.

Every BriquEtte Purchased Makes A Difference

HIGHHEAT has made a commitment to only used recycled material and to recycle 200,000 tonnes of wax cardboard per year by 2025. This will significantly reduce not only the waste going into our landfills, but also Australia’s carbon footprint.

Show your support and join HIGHHEAT in our fight against wax cardboard waste.



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